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    • Space Exploration History
      Let's get this forum started -- topics related to the space race, technology, Space World magazine (feel free to talk about exchanging/trading issues, or which ones you're in need of) all go here. I'm going to try to start scanning more issues in, but demand has been low so far. Hoping that, as we get more people interested and active, the site will start becoming useful to space buffs as a spot to discuss and exchange info. -- dj
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    • 1 year, 9 months ago

      Richard Joltes

    • The Psychology of Belief
      General forum for the discussion of the psychology of those who tend to believe in urban legends, hoaxes, and other unproven tales. Why does one person accept the veracity of a given tale, while others reject the same story outright? Why do certain individual "need" to believe in these tales in the first place? Feel free to cite external resources (URLs, books, etc.) and invite others. Be respectful, rational, and logical in your discussion. Flame wars and ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.
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