Links and Resources

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General Resources

The James Randi Educational Foundation

JREF was founded by James "The Amazing" Randi, a long-time proponent of skeptical thinking and rational enquiry. It's a wonderful storehouse of well thought-out commentary, articles, and references.

The Committee for Scientific Inquiry Into the Paranormal(CSICOP)

CSICOP boasts dignitaries such as Paul Kurtz, James Randi, and Martin Gardiner, as well as writer Joe Nickell, as members of its ranks. It is one of the most active organizations today, and also publishes numerous books and magazines, including Skeptical Enquirer.

The Skeptic's Society

The Society, headed by Michael Shermer, publishes Skeptic magazine and also acts as a major forum for skeptics worldwide.

Folklore and Urban Legends

alt. folklore.urban and

For years, the alt.folklore.urban group has represented a wealth of knowledge on the subject of urban legends such as "lights out" and "shopping mall abductions."

The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society (aka '')

This site is an absolute treasure trove of current information as well as archival data on the subject of urban legends. The site's maintainers, Barbara and David Mikkelson, are frequent guests on radio and TV shows throughout the Western USA and produce outstanding, highly readable articles describing various folktales.'s urban legends section

This site is managed by David Emery, one of's local experts, and is a great companion to the two sites mentioned above. It includes useful commentary and is often the first place to "break" the story of a newly-emerging UL.
The Psychology Of Urban Legends ( Another site that discusses the reasons people believe in urban legends; Dr. Shelly Wu talks about ULs in the context of collective behavior.
ISCLR (International Society for Contemporary Legend Research) The premier site for research into urban and other legends. Also, the location of FOAFtale News, the society's newsletter.

The Department of Energy's Cybersecurity Page

The DoE maintains this site to help users remain aware of internet threats and security warnings.'s Urban Legends

An excellent resource providing information about myths of all types, along with current and past urban legend reports. (Added 6/1/2013)

UFOs and Alien Visitation

Magonia Magazine

Magonia is published by John Rimmer, and is a long-running review of material pertinent to the ongoing debate over the alleged presence of UFOs, the stories behind "abductees", and the psychology of UFO aficionados.

Alternative Medicine


The QuackWatch site is a heavily-visited clearinghouse for material relating to false or misleading claims made by proponents of various non-standard medical practices. Want to know about the latest claims regarding magnetic therapy, homeopathic "cures", or folk remedies such as Qi Gong? Visit, read, and then make an informed decision.


Chirobase is operated by Dr. Steven Barrett, the sponsor of the Quackwatch site, as well as several other physicians and researchers. It specializes in discussions of chiropractic and its ancillary disciplines, and presents a very balanced viewpoint&em;while the authors soundly trounce so-called "Chelation Therapy" and the concept of "subluxations," they also discuss the legitimate benefits that can be derived from sensible chiropractic treatment. A good read.

Archaeology, etc.'s Archaeology K. Kris Hirst's excellent non-specialist pages on numerous archaeological topics
Archaeology on the Net An excellent clearinghouse of on-line archaeological resources, as well as links to specific disciplines and regional studies.
Internet Archaeology The primary Web site for the Internet Archaeology electronic journal.
Bad Archaeology

An excellent site that discusses the difference between good and bad archaeological research.

Bad Archaeology

Doug Weller's Fringe Archaeology

Numerous links to articles on everything from pyramid power to opportunities in legitimate archaeological digs, as well as access to the sci.archaeology.moderated FAQ and other resources. A great debunking resource for bad, fad, and just plain incorrect archaeology.