The Word from the Front, 25 June 1915


Some of Linsingen’s Army, After Terrific Four-Day Battle, Are Driven Across the River.


Army from Lemberg Also Halted in Attempt at Great Flanking Movement.


Say Foe is Sacrificing Troops with Desperate Recklessness in Bessarabia as Well as Galicia

Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES

PETROGRAD, June 25, (Dispatch to The London Daily Chronicle.)-The first movement of the Germans after occupying Lemberg was to attempt to advance southeastward along the   Lemberg-Beregane Railway with the object of cutting off the Russian forces operating on the Dniester. This advance so far has been checked and on the Dniester itself the Russians ·are displaying great energy.

A large force of Germans which on Wednesday crossed the river near Zurawano has been jammed on to the bank and on to the islands. They have suffered enormous   losses.   Further east near Halicz, a very mixed force of Austrians has been thrown back to the river. In these engagements Russian light and heavy artillery save effective support.

The operations on the Dniester are at present the   only clear feature of the general military situation. The struggle f or possession of this important river means in any case delay or distraction for the Germans. And with the Russian Army   in full fighting order and daily improving its technical resources and with an immense front for maneuvering and counter-maneuvering the possibilities f or   conjecture   are practically unlimited.

For the moment of almost equal importance with the efforts of the army is a. remarkable revival of activity in Russia itself. From all parts of the empire municipal and zemstvo workers, manufacturers, financiers, and engineers are thronging to the cities with otters of help in the matter of army supplies.

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Historical Context

These events are part of the campaign of 1915, in which the Russians scored some initial successes against the attacking German-Austrian forces, only to have supply and munitions shortages blunt their advantage later in the month.

The city Lemberg, referred to in this article, is now known as Lviv or Lvov, and is located in western Ukraine.

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